February 15, 2012

Press Release: Rancho Encinitas Academy Nurtures Students Under the Shade of One of the City’s Oldest Living Trees

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Students at Rancho Encinitas Academy Unknowingly Experience a Piece of History Every Time They Step onto their Playground

February 15, 2012 – Encinitas, CA— Situated on the former site of Stallings Ranch Nursery, the Rancho Encinitas Academy Campus holds much more history than just the text books in its library. A majestic oak stands over 40 feet high on the park-like campus and is thought to be one of the city’s oldest living oak trees. The namesake of the city – Encinitas is Spanish for “little oak” – the oak is presumed to be among the original little oak trees on the Rancho Las Encinitas, owned by Don Andres Ybarra in 1842.

The magnificent tree is thought to be more than 275 years old, and is the perfect centerpiece to the school’s sprawling green campus; which covers two acres of landscaped grounds with its sister school, Edison Academy. There are 7 separate buildings custom designed and constructed especially for the school. The campus, with its architecture, landscaping, and proximity to the ocean is conducive to a safe, relaxing and tranquil learning experience.

“Our goal is to nurture a student’s natural wonder and joy of learning, facilitated by a positive and relaxed atmosphere,” said Paul Wulle, Director of Rancho Encinitas Academy. “With it’s rich history and lush grounds, we were able to design a campus that reduces stress and anxiety so that a child’s focus may be on learning.”

Rancho Encinitas Acadmy’s unique learning environment is enhanced by bird aviaries and bunny hutches, and three outdoor playground areas. “Jobs time,”a learn-by-doing activity at Rancho Encinitas Academy, includes recycling, grounds keeping and feeding the animals, activities which promote responsibility and personal development.

Additional quotes and pictures are available on request.

About Rancho Encinitas Academy

Rancho Encinitas Academy (REA) prepares students for high school in a hands-on, child-focused environment that encourages knowledge, creativity, and independence. The academy’s learn-by-doing approach fosters organizational and communication skills that benefit students for years to come. Opening its doors in 1995, REA serves students from kindergarten through the 8th grade, as well as pre-kindergarten for those age 4 to 5 years old. REA has a strict 10:1 student to teacher ratio and is located on a naturally beautiful learning environment in Encinitas, California.

Edison Academy, housed on the campus of Rancho Encinitas Academy, is designed to meet the needs of bright children in grades 3 through 8 who have mild to moderate learning difficulties. Students are taught methods and strategies that assist them in becoming mainstream, independent learners.

For more information about enrollment for both schools, visit: www.ranchoencinitasacademy.com



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  1. This seems like a great place for child development.The child should progress,develop in all the aspects i.e socially,linguistically,mentally and physically.This kind of teaching in the midst of nature will make him learn alot about the natural life and it’s quite good for his healthy issues too.

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