February 21, 2012

Rancho Encinitas Academy in Encinitas Patch!

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Check out the latest news from Rancho Encinitas Academy from Encinitas Patch!




If This Tree Could Talk

Rancho Encinitas Academy is home to a tree believed to be more than 275 years old.


Rancho Encinitas Academy is home to a piece of living history — a more than 40-foot tall piece of living history, to be exact. 

A towering oak tree on the school’s sprawling campus is believed to be more than 275 years old, making it possibly one of the oldest living oak trees in the city.

Encinitas, which means ‘little oaks’ in Spanish, is dotted with this type of tree — though this particular oak may have been one of the original trees that inspired the city’s name. According to a news release from the school, this tree is thought to have once stood on the Rancho Las Encinitas, which was owned by Don Andres Ybarra in 1842.

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