March 8, 2012

Celebrate California Arbor Week with REA!

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Situated on the former site of Stallings Ranch Nursery, the Rancho Encinitas Academy Campus is truly an environment unlike any other. The lush grounds are home to a fantastic array of flora and fauna, providing for a truly unique learning environment.  Bird aviaries, bunny hutches and three outdoor playground areas further enhance the students learning experience.

California Arbor Week is here, and with a campus as naturally lush and beautiful as ours, we are happy to take some time to reflect and celebrate!

About The Celebration (from

From March 7-14 Californians of all ages celebrate our natural wonders and most treasured resources. California ReLeaf is proud to support California Arbor Week to unite our members, cities, businesses and individuals in recognizing the tremendous value trees provide to growing happy communities.

Connect with California ReLeaf on Facebook and Twitter, to learn more about how you can support and celebrate California Arbor Week.


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