April 25, 2012

Happy Administrative Assistant Day!

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Rancho Encinitas Academy would like to wish a very Happy Administrative Assistant Day to our wonderful Mercedes!  The below student written poems share just a glimpse of how truly grateful we all are to have you in our lives.

For Mercedes…

Magical with a motorcycle

Erases sad faces

Rides an INSANELY cool Harley

Changes the school lunch menus each week

Everything she does is cool

Does help you with the copy machine

Eases the pain of a cut

Says, “Hey, you’re late!”

By: Ben

When you are late

And you don’t feel so great

Go to one lady

who’s names is Mercedes

She’ll tell you your fate

And she won’t exaggerate!

By:  Kenzie

You have an awesome car

There for, you are an all-star

You are super cool

And help us at school

Mercedes is first

and never the worst

When you aren’t feeling good

She always understood

By: Jin Li

Riding bikes

Is so very nice!

No one does it as great as you

No matter who!

When we have a booboo

You know what to do!

We love you

I hope you do too!

By: Ali

Making people feel better

Enthusiastic about her job

Rides a cool bike

Cool with other people

Eager to help with anything

Down in the office

Everyone enjoys her

Stays calm in situations

By: Jordan

When you are feeling sicky

Or even feeling icky

And you need some ice

After getting sliced

When we need help

And we let out a YELP!!!

There is only one thing to do

After feeling blue

Go to Mercedes!!!

By: Shannon

On secretary day,

You’ll scream hurray

You’ll have fun doing everything,

at spring fling

You have no spice,

just very nice

Have a great day,

you’re unique in many ways

By: Shelb


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