May 8, 2012

Press Release: REA Celebrates Earth Day with Lesson in Horticulture and History

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Rancho Encinitas Academy Hosts Local Botanist for Educational Campus Tour


May 8, 2012 – Encinitas, CA— Rancho Encinitas Academy recognized Earth Day with a celebration of the horticulture and history that envelops the school’s lush campus. Lead by Dave Ehrlinger, the Director of Horticulture for the San Diego Botanic Gardens, students and teachers were given an in-depth and educational look into the flora flourishing right outside their classrooms.

Rancho Encinitas Academy students and teachers listen on as the Director of Horticulture for the San Diego Botanic Gardens, Dave Ehrlinger, gives them an overview of the ecological system.

“We are excited to take the time to honor our school and teach our students about the amazing plant life surrounding their classrooms,” said Paul Wulle, Director of Rancho Encinitas Academy. “With its rich history and lush grounds, our campus truly allows us to nurture a student’s natural wonder and joy of learning, in a positive and relaxed atmosphere.”

Ehrlinger kicked off the afternoon with an introduction to different types of trees and their purpose in the delicate ecological system. The students and teachers were then treated to a virtual walk around the world, taking time to view the different specimens on campus, and be enlightened by Ehrlinger as to the names, origins and specifications of each plant.

The Wisteria plant pictured (right) is a climbing vine originally from China. Too weak to stand on its own, it wraps itself around this Coconut Palm for support. The palm tree supports the Wisteria much like the teachers and staff of REA support their students, creating the perfect environment for them to flourish and grow. Quality education at the school prepares students for the challengesof  the future by fostering knowledge, creativity and self-reliance.

The next stop of the tour was the Gold Medallion tree, an evergreen from the bean or pear tree family. Students and teachers were amazed by the tree’s giant pods or Cassia, which, as Ehrlinger explained, can grow to be about 1 foot long.


      Golden Medallion Tree (left)

      Ehrlinger showing students one of the large pods, or Cassia, that had fallen from the tree.  (right)

Situated on what was once a nursery from 1945-1995, the REA and the Edison Academy campus covers a full two acres of landscaped grounds interlaced with plants from around the world. The walking tour transported students and teachers across the globe, from Australia, to Asia and even to South America.


 An Angel’s Trumpet Tree, native to South America, shades one of REA’s many bird aviaries. (left)

REA’s Campus is also home to an Australian Firewheel Tree,   a smaller tree with bright orange flowers. (right)

The final stop of the Earth Day tour was one of the city’s oldest living trees an oak that is presumed to be among the original trees planted on the Rancho Las Encinitas, owned by Don Andres Ybarra in 1842. A Live Coastal Oak, it is the largest of the oak tree family and can live for hundreds of years.

The namesake of the city, Encinitas is Spanish   for “little oak” – the oak on the Rancho Encinitas Academy campus stands over 40 feet high, and it the perfect centerpiece to the school’s sprawling green grounds; formerly home to the Stallings Ranch Nursery. The school’s unique learning environment is further enhanced by bird aviaries and bunny hutches, and three outdoor playground areas.


Additional quotes and pictures are available on request.


About Rancho Encinitas Academy


Rancho Encinitas Academy (REA) prepares students for high school in a hands-on, child-focused environment that encourages knowledge, creativity, and independence. The academy’s learn-by-doing approach fosters organizational and communication skills that benefit students for years to come. Opening its doors in 1995, REA serves students from kindergarten through the 8th grade, as well as pre-kindergarten for those age 4 to 5 years old. REA has a strict 10:1 student to teacher ratio and is located on a naturally beautiful learning environment in Encinitas, California.

Edison Academy, housed on the campus of Rancho Encinitas Academy, is designed to meet the needs of bright children in grades 3 through 8 who have mild to moderate learning difficulties. Students are taught methods and strategies that assist them in becoming mainstream, independent learners.

For more information about enrollment for both schools,



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