September 27, 2012

Letter of Gratitude From a Former Edison Academy Student

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ImageWe recently received a heartwarming letter from one of our former Edison Academy students, Caroline Boag, who graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. She is currently enrolled in SDSU’s Master’s Program for Speech-Language Pathology. We are incredibly touched by her heartfelt letter and proud of her academic accomplishments.

Below is Caroline’s letter in its entirety:

Dear Prospective Parents,

My name is Caroline Boag and I am currently twenty-two years old. In third grade, due to my auditory processing disorder, communications disorder, attention deficit disorder, and inability to be successful in a traditional public school, I began attending Edison Academy. During my early elementary school education I quickly became frustrated, suffered from constant feelings of anxiety, failure and lack of confidence in my ability to learn. However, Edison Academy changed all of that. The staff, who specialize in special education, literally changed my life forever. They had patience, dedication, and an ability to make an enormous impact on a small child’s life. They taught me skills to be successful in learning and brought my confidence back. I am writing this letter to express the impact Edison Academy had on my life and to hopefully help you decide whether it is worth sending your child there.

On May 18, 2012 I graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. I was awarded the title of Outstanding student of the College of Health and Human Services, which is an award given to a student with the highest grade-point average in the entire college. I graduated from college with a 4.0 major GPA and a 3.91 overall GPA. Starting this fall I will be returning to San Diego State University to begin their Speech Language Pathology master’s program, which is ranked first in the state of California and twenty-fifth in the nation.

While preparing to write my letters of intent for my graduate school applications, I was at a loss as to what my greatest characteristic was, so I asked my family and friends. I was surprised how many people responded that it is my innate belief in myself. I was surprised because anyone who knew me before I attended Edison Academy wouldn’t have believed that little girl had any belief in herself. I used to hate going to school, I would always come home crying. The embarrassment that comes from being the worst reader in the class, or getting back classwork with a low score, and the constant anxiety and fear that I would feel at school are confidence killers that I would not wish on any child. Teasing was also an issue for me when I was younger. Looking back, I realize that it wasn’t that I was teased more than my classmates when I was younger, although it felt like I was, but rather I was more sensitive to the bullying. My test scores may not have reflected it, but I was a smart enough kid to know that I was doing poorly in school and therefore took being called stupid and other names personally. While teachers try to protect kids from bullies, public school class sizes are so large that they cannot protect their students from being bullied all the time. I remember that I always hated recess because during that time I did not have a teacher to protect me from my classmates teasing and rude comments. Thanks to my parents sending me to Edison Academy the emotional scarring I have from those early school years is not as severe as it would have been if I wasn’t moved to Edison Academy. Putting me in a situation where I was surrounded by kids who had learning disabilities helped me realize that I wasn’t worth less than my classmates. For the first time I was surrounded by kids who were just like me and my feelings of anxiety and fear slowly began to melt away, making it easier to learn. I slowly began to believe in myself more and more. When I describe my time at Edison Academy to people they frequently tell me that I am making it sound like a utopia, I tell them it was. If it wasn’t for Edison Academy I would not have this innate belief in myself that many consider my greatest strength.

Edison Academy provided me with a safe environment where I got one on one attention and felt special. My teacher made me feel like I was worth something, like I was worth her time and effort. She taught me skills and strategies to help me succeed in public school, which I use to this day. Edison gave me inner strength.

I know choosing to send your child to Edison Academy is a big decision. That is why I am writing this letter. Over the past two years I have found myself constantly reflecting back on my elementary school years during my classes about adolescent development and as a result I have found myself constantly reminded that I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it weren’t for Edison Academy.


Caroline Boag


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