November 18, 2013

Blues in the Schools

Posted in REA News at 4:35 pm by ranchoencinitasacademy

photo(17)Friday afternoons at Rancho Encinitas Academy are always something to look forward to when students (and teachers!) are able to sit back, relax and enjoy a “Star Assembly.”  Our most recent assembly was Blues in the Schools (BITS), and what a fun show that was!  BITS is an arts program funded by Blues Lovers United of San Diego (BLUSD), and, primarily through live music and storytelling, singers and musicians relate elements of the blues to American and African-American culture and history, while delivering concepts of audience involvement, rhythm and teamwork, music appreciation, and even the therapeutic effects of music. The presentations entertain and demonstrate how the blues is fundamental to popular American music. Underlying messages include the importance of personal expression, racial tolerance and understanding, truth telling, and freedom from oppression.  Creatively transforming life’s challenges into personal growth are conveyed to the student audiences through thiphoto(18)s rich material.

It’s clear from all the audience participation, smiles and music, that the students truly enjoyed their Star Assembly last week. 


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