January 25, 2014

More Great Assemblies

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In recent weeks, the students have been privileged to enjoy more fantastic Star Assemblies.  Students earn Star Bucks based on their performance in the classroom and are able to cash in their bucks for some great educational entertainment at the end of the week.  Westwind Brass is an educational outreach organization in San Diego county that provides a variety of programs for grades K through 12.  We all enjoyed listening to them perform some great music while we learned about the various brass family of instruments including the French horn, tuba and trombone.  The group performed a wide variety of musical styles including Modern, Ragtime, Classical, Romantic, and Dixieland, and touched upon the basic concepts of brass playing.

Every year we look forward to having Joel Ward come back to the school to perform his amazing magic show.  Joel is a master of illusion and is currently based in Los Angeles where he performs for national television broadcasts, corporate clients, casinos, cruise ships, and others.  Joel has  special place in his heart for REA/Edison as he grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, and became interested in magic himself at the age of 6 at a school assembly.  Over the years, we know Joel has inspired some of our students to learn more about magic and we are thrilled he still comes back to our school to perform.


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